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FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, our company is located in Japan, therefore all products are made and used in Japan. We know that there are some Japanese engines and spare parts used in 3rd party countries such as Australia then those products were re-exported from countiries such as Dubai to worldwide. In such cases, most of products are over used, it means that the quality is not as good as the ones from Japanese origin. But please do not worry, our products are all from Japanese origin.
Accomodation is available for our customers who have finished final negotiation with us and placed deposit in order to start business with us. The types of accomodation we have are : Apartment Style, and One room with all facilities in our office. *Scheduling is necessary as they might not be available at the time.

1. At very first, we need to know what used engines or parts you are looking for. This is because we need to let you know availability of the items.

2. Then we will make quotation for each items. Prices we always make quote are in FOB Tomakomai Port. Prices are negotiable depending on quantities of your order.

3. Once we reach to mutual agreement, we will prepare proforma invoice for your order.

4. According to the proforma invoice, we will ask you to place deposit (Down Payment) for your order. Deposit is necessary in order to secure items in your order.

5. Once we confirm your deposit, we start reserving used engines and parts from our stock for you.

6. Almost everyday, one of our staffs communicate with you what used engines and parts are becoming available as well as new arrival stock. Then we add to your order so that we can ship your container faster.

7. Once your order is enough to fill either 20 or 40ft container, we book and ship a container !

We are Japanese owned company and owner is Japanese 100%. We believe it is not so important for such question as long as we are honest and dedicated to our job. Yes we are Japanese company.
Yes, we have. We are certified company with legal license for car recycling. We have folklifts and air tools so that we can comfortably dismantle cars or trucks. We have boxes to keep the Japanese used engines and parts secured.
We have international port for containers to be shipped within 5 mins drive from our company.
Our company is located in Hokkaido Japan. The nearest airport is called New Chitose International Airport, and that is 20 mins away from our company by car. In order to get the airport from for example from Tokyo, you need to fly 1 hour and half by air.

Please call us before visiting in order to assist you as well as to inform you our schedule availability.

Also we are happy to pick you up at the airport. So dont forget to call us